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All customized products sales are FINAL! No refunds or returns! Due to the fact that custom products are made specifically for you all sales are completely FINAL! No refunds or return

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Company Relaunch:
Due to the hard work, donations, and labor required to customize and make your product specifically to you FOR FREE, all sales are final. Especially if you ordered anything for free. 
You paid for the product to be delivered to you. You did not come to the warehouse and pick it up. The post office and the post man/woman does NOT work for free. They expect money to ship and deliver items. Usually businesses include the shipping price in the order so you are always paying for shipping. We have allowed you to choose your shipping options. And that is what you paid for. 
We do not make any compensation on any free items. 
We make money when customers come to the pick up a bracelet for free and then decide to gift their baby a necklace, a ring, or an anklet that is not free.  And we are satisfied with that. Thank You. Once again. All sales on customized products that are free are final! 
*If there is any issue with your order, please make it your duty to contact us. Please provide your ORDER NUMBER and your TRACKING NUMBER so we can better assist you. If you do not provide those pieces of information it will be extremely difficult for our customer service team to respond to you adequately. Thank you. *
Custom Baby Jewelry: 1-929-227-8941 
Mail us: p.o. box 845 225thst New York, New York, 10466 (Floor 16)*IS THE BEST WAY TO REACH US*