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A message from us: It has come to our attention that our customers have NOT been reading our shipping policy. We have worked very hard on making it clear and available so that all of our customers can make confident purchases. Please refer to our shipping policy. Shipment generally take 2-4 weeks due to the high volume as we are just a small company and every single jewelry piece is handmade and customized. We appreciate the support. All of our customers received their items. And are happy with it! We understand the impatience. But please be patient. 
*If there is any issue with your order, please make it your duty to contact us. Please provide your ORDER NUMBER and your TRACKING NUMBER so we can better assist you. If you do not provide those pieces of information it will be extremely difficult for our customer service team to respond to you adequately. Thank you. *
Custom Baby Jewelry: 1-929-227-8941 
Mail us: p.o. box 845 225thst New York, New York, 10466 (Floor 16)